News in Easy English 031 – Listening Lesson – Bus Riding Dog

Genoa’s Bus Riding Dog

Camillo, a 12-year-old pooch in Genoa, Italy, has been riding buses by himself for years. He taught himself how to do it when he was one year old.

These days, Camillo is delighting bus passengers and tourists with his daily commutes. The dog gets off at special stops where he can obtain treats. He gets free treats from a poultry shop among other places.

His owner says, Camillo is extremely intelligent. Unfortunately, he does not run errands for her. He only goes out to get treats for himself.

According to an expert in animal behavior, Camillo has not figured out the bus maps; he is using his sense of smell and sight to know where to get off and how to find his way back home.

Mrs. Lina, Camillo’s owner, says she’s not too worried about his whereabouts. He always comes home at the end of the day. I guess she can save a little money on dog food too.