News in Easy English 030 – Listening Lesson – Tower Infinity

Tower Designed to be Invisible

When construction is finished in 2014, the 450-meter tall “Tower Infinity” will be one of the 10 tallest structures in the world. But you may not notice it. Why is that? Unlike most skyscrapers, Tower Infinity has been designed not to stand out. Thanks to a sophisticated lighting system and optical illusions, it will appear almost invisible. Cameras mounted on the building will capture the surrounding view and that view will be projected onto the building. The tower will seem to disappear into the sky—hence the name “Tower Infinity.”
The company behind the design is California based GDS Architects. They claim that this will be the world’s first invisible tower.

Tower Infinity will be constructed near the Incheon International Airport. Among its attractions will be a water park, a roller coaster and the second highest observation deck in the world.