News in Easy English 027 – English Listening Lesson – Line: The Story of an App

line characters

Line: The Story of an App

If you are a smartphone user in Japan, then chances are you have this app on your phone. Now, it is taking Asia by storm and is starting to catch on in Europe and North America as well. It is the Line app from NHN Corporation.

What makes Line so popular? Probably the number one reason is that their emoticons (They call them stickers.) are so darn cute. The app has its own impressive collection of over 250 of these stickers plus many famous characters from Disney, Sanrio and more. Users love to convey their feelings and thoughts through these characters.

Line is packed with many other features too. Users can of course chat instantly with the app, but it is also possible to make voice calls and send video and pictures to other Line users. There are many games you can play with your Line friends, as well.

Line has a very interesting beginning. The Japanese unit of the Korean company, NHN Corporation, created it for the Japanese market after the Tohoku earthquake in 2011. It was originally developed to address the problem of poor communications after disasters. Who could have guessed it would become so successful?

Here is an English language ad for Line. Please enjoy!