News in Easy English 025 – English Listening Lesson – Small World Machines

Coca Cola’s Small World Machines
You rarely hear the names Pakistan and India in the same sentence without the word ‘conflict.’ Peace for these two nations remains a distant dream. And the task of bringing them together is quite daunting.

Despite this, the soft drink maker, Coca Cola, decided to take a small step towards this goal. The result of their initiative is the “Small World Machine”— a vending machine. However, it is no ordinary vending machine. It has a person-sized touch screen with built in cameras that provide a live video portal between two locations: one in Pakistan and the other in India.

Coca Cola invited people from India and Pakistan to share a moment of connection. As the Coca Cola webpage explains, “People from various walks of life were encouraged to complete friendly tasks together—wave, touch hands, draw a peace sign or dance—before sharing a Coca Cola.”

The machines may not bring peace right away but the video has managed to grab over a million eyeballs on the web. If you haven’t seen the campaign yet, take a look!

Here is an informative news piece on the video: