News in Easy English 024 – English Listening Lesson – Bruce Lee is Back!

Bruce Lee is Back!

He has been dead for nearly 40 years. But now he’s back to promote Johnnie Walker Whiskey in new a TV commercial. The new ad uses sophisticated computer graphics to recreate Lee. In the ad he strolls on a balcony with the Hong Kong skyline behind him. Lee gives a short speech as he walks and the commercial ends with a close-up shot of Johnnie Walker Whiskey. The company says it is a tribute to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Lee’s death.

The ad stars the Hong Kong actor and Bruce Lee lookalike, Danny Chan Kwok Kwan. A digital recreation of Lee’s face was placed over video of Chan’s face.

The ad has stirred controversy. Some have described it as in bad taste.

Bruce Lee is known around the world for his movies and fighting style. He is perhaps the world’s most famous Hong Konger. Lee died at the age of 32 in 1973.