News in Easy English 032 – Listening Lesson – Chipotle Video

Restaurant Chain Video Goes Viral
Everyone is talking about the new video from Chipotle Grill Restaurants. Find out why this episode of News in Easy English. Find more stories and transcripts on the web at:

News in Easy English 031 – Listening Lesson – Bus Riding Dog

Genoa’s Bus Riding Dog

Camillo, a 12-year-old pooch in Genoa, Italy, has been riding buses by himself for years. He taught himself how to do it when he was one year old.

These days, Camillo is delighting bus passengers and tourists with his daily commutes. The dog gets off at special stops where he can obtain treats. He gets free treats from a poultry shop among other places.

His owner says, Camillo is extremely intelligent. Unfortunately, he does not run errands for her. He only goes out to get treats for himself.

According to an expert in animal behavior, Camillo has not figured out the bus maps; he is using his sense of smell and sight to know where to get off and how to find his way back home.

Mrs. Lina, Camillo’s owner, says she’s not too worried about his whereabouts. He always comes home at the end of the day. I guess she can save a little money on dog food too.

News in Easy English 030 – Listening Lesson – Tower Infinity

Tower Designed to be Invisible

When construction is finished in 2014, the 450-meter tall “Tower Infinity” will be one of the 10 tallest structures in the world. But you may not notice it. Why is that? Unlike most skyscrapers, Tower Infinity has been designed not to stand out. Thanks to a sophisticated lighting system and optical illusions, it will appear almost invisible. Cameras mounted on the building will capture the surrounding view and that view will be projected onto the building. The tower will seem to disappear into the sky—hence the name “Tower Infinity.”
The company behind the design is California based GDS Architects. They claim that this will be the world’s first invisible tower.

Tower Infinity will be constructed near the Incheon International Airport. Among its attractions will be a water park, a roller coaster and the second highest observation deck in the world.

News in Easy English 029 – Listening Lesson – A Lost World Discovered

Vietnam’s Son Doong Cave: A Lost World Discovered
It is the world’s largest cave and no one even knew it existed until recently. Son Doong Cave was discovered in 1991 in the rugged mountains of central Vietnam. A local man by the name of Ho Khanh discovered an entrance to the cave but did not have the proper gear to go in.

It wasn’t until 2009 that the full extent of the cave became known, when a group of British cavers made the first survey of the cave. What they discovered was truly phenomenal. The cave is over 5.5 miles long with a river and some rooms big enough to fit a 40-story skyscraper. In one section of the cave, the roof has collapsed (probably more than a thousand years ago) to let in sunlight. There, the explorers found a pristine forest with all sorts of animals including monkeys and flying foxes.

If you are willing to pay around 3,000 dollars and trek through the jungle for days, a company has started trial tours.

News in Easy English 028 – English Listening Lesson – The Ramen Burger

Is the Next Big Thing the Ramen Burger?

First, there was the sushi boom. And these days, ramen is the hot thing. But could this be the next food craze from Japan? It’s called the ramen burger and it made its American debut at a food festival in New York this August. It’s a burger wrapped in fried ramen noodles instead of a bun.

Its creator, Keizo Shimamoto, hopes to open a ramen burger restaurant in the future. His idea may have some potential, as over 500 people lined up in the rain for the chance to try his new creation—some waiting nearly two hours.

I don’t know if I would wait in line for hours to get one, but it does look pretty good.

News in Easy English 027 – English Listening Lesson – Line: The Story of an App

line characters

Line: The Story of an App

If you are a smartphone user in Japan, then chances are you have this app on your phone. Now, it is taking Asia by storm and is starting to catch on in Europe and North America as well. It is the Line app from NHN Corporation.

What makes Line so popular? Probably the number one reason is that their emoticons (They call them stickers.) are so darn cute. The app has its own impressive collection of over 250 of these stickers plus many famous characters from Disney, Sanrio and more. Users love to convey their feelings and thoughts through these characters.

Line is packed with many other features too. Users can of course chat instantly with the app, but it is also possible to make voice calls and send video and pictures to other Line users. There are many games you can play with your Line friends, as well.

Line has a very interesting beginning. The Japanese unit of the Korean company, NHN Corporation, created it for the Japanese market after the Tohoku earthquake in 2011. It was originally developed to address the problem of poor communications after disasters. Who could have guessed it would become so successful?

Here is an English language ad for Line. Please enjoy!

News in Easy English Video Lesson 004: What if the Moon Were Replaced?

What if the Moon Were Replaced?
Find out how it would look if the moon were replaced by the planets in our solar system in this episode of News in Easy English. Find more stories and transcripts on the web at: